Upper Cervical Care
Nasal Release Technique

Nasal Release Technique is powerful way to heal your brain and nervous system after a trauma to your head, such as a concussion in a car accident or sport. In such injuries, the skull loses its proper alignment, which may lead to poor nasal breathing, vision problems, crooked teeth, tinnitus, vertigo, and muscle spasms. The Nasal Release technique places the bones of the skull in their proper alignment, bringing back balance and function to the body and optimal blood flow to the brain, spinal cord, and neurotransmitter activity in the central nervous system.

• Allergy Elimination with NAET

You may suffer from an allergy of food, dust, pollen, chemical, or animal. NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) eliminates allergies through non-invasive, painless, drug-free, and natural methods. Not only does NAET alleviate allergies, but it also restores and promotes the health and regulation of your whole immune system to equip your body against infection and disease.

Graston Technique

This technique is an effective mobilization therapy for all soft tissue conditions, such as muscle restrictions and scar tissue lesions. It helps increase and maintain your range of motion by breaking down soft tissue gently using specially designed instruments.

Nutrition Consultation

This service provides guidance to help you achieve proper nutrition to better your overall health.