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Most people think chiropractic care is only about receiving “pops and cracks.” With Yoon Family’s Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, you don’t have to worry about your neck being twisted or cracked. We use gentle, safe, and very specific adjustments to get better results and improve your health. Dr. Yoon also combines chiropractic and traditional oriental treatments, such as acupuncture, to holistically heal the body, and he provides you with a wide range of treatment options to suit your specific needs.

Dr. Yoon’s unique approach to chiropractic, known as the Upper Cervical Technique and acupuncture, has been shown to help a variety conditions including:

• Allergies

• Asthma

• Arthritic conditions

• Concussion

• Chronic gastritis

• Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia

• TMJ dysfunction

• Facial pain

• Headaches

• Herniated disc

• Knee pain

• Neck pain

• Lower back pain

• Sport injury

• Shoulder pain

• Stress and anxiety

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상경추 무료검사 받아보세요

상경추 무료검사 받아보세요

상경추 전문 윤 패밀리카이로프랙틱 한방병원이 한인 사회를 위한 무료 진료 이벤트를 실시한다. 오는 4월 5일(토) 실시할 무료진료 행사에서는 상경추 치료에...


  • I was a healthy person who never thought I would start to have sciatic and knee pain. This worried me very much. One of my associate who was treated by Dr. Yoon introduced me to the doctor. Originally, due to my knee pain I was barely able to go down the stairs. However, after the first upper cervical adjustment I...

    Hyerung Oh

  • Dr. Yoon is excellent with his acupuncture. Now I can turn my head to left arm side without pain.


  • I have suffered from low back for 7 years. Recently, I came to Dr. Yoon with severe back pain. The pain I experienced was horrible. I could not sit or stand without medication. I could barely walk. After two visits in one week, I felt much better. Now, I am pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Yoon.

    Ngon N.

  • I highly recommend Yoon Family Chiropractic and the technique of Upper Cervical Care! Everyone at Yoon Family Chiropractic is very pleasant people that genuinely care for each patient, and I know that I can feel my body improve. As a student, I’ve had an uncomfortable neck for a while now due to extensive sitting and bad posture, and I could...

    Gaeun K.